This came to the end of the popular console game players like PlayStation 4. But its popularity has not decreased And because the PS4 has many interesting games to play, especially the Exclusive game that can’t be found on other devices So there are a group of people who do not have PS4 and would like to find many more players this year. Today I would like to compare that between PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro that we should choose which model you should buy? Okay, let’s see.

From the above specification that can be seen, it can be seen that the first version of the PS4, Standard and Slim, the specification is not very different, will vary in weight and power consumption. That is clearly different In terms of price, if it is the first model, it may not be able to find 1 hand.

Let’s take a look at the efficiency of the application, which must be said before that not every game will be developed to support the PS4 Pro makes the old game. Many of the games that came out before the PS4 Pro will come out. When playing on the device, it will not see much difference. Conversely, in the new game That came out already supported With the PS4 Slim, its advantages are energy saving, which uses the smallest power consumption of PS4 in every model that has been released. As for the performance, it is not different for every game that comes out.


As for the price, it is important to decide what to buy with the price on the main website like Sony Thailand. The price will follow this.

Which the price at this point, if going to choose to buy at the store, the dealer will get a lower price or the same price, plus get more free gifts themselves
As for anyone looking for two tools, I have an estimated price that I found in the trading group.

  • PS4 Slim 500GB capacity, priced at $150 – $200
  • PS4 Pro, 1TB capacity, priced at $200 – 300$

If buying second-hand products, if wanting to have confidence, it is advisable to find a purchase that has insurance with the shop or the center first. Before being arranged properly Before

Factors in buying

The factor in choosing to buy which model is good, I have divided it into these following terms.

Screen or TV that we have

Existing screens or TVs, if in 4K, are worth buying the Pro model for a better experience. But if we have a screen that only supports Full-HD, should we buy the Pro version? The answer I can give is “No”. The reason I say this is because the resolution that we will get the maximum, it will be only 1080p. Well, even if our device supports anything higher than that, what you can do in Pro is the resolution of 1080p. It will give you a smoother image detail, but it will not be worse. Therefore, the answer to this question is that if there is a screen that supports 4K, it is recommended to buy the Pro version. If not, the Slim version is sufficient.

A short, simple summary of how to buy a PS4. If you have a 4K screen or plan to change the screen to 4K, “PS4 Pro” looks the best for you. But if you don’t have a 4K screen and don’t plan to change the screen to 4K, “PS4 Slim” is enough for your play. Last but not least, if you want to play PS4 games at a very economical price, the first “PS4” model to buy second-hand looks the best for you, but you have to pay attention to the condition of the device.

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