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PlayStation 5 Consoles Have a Chance To Open This Year! And Released in 2020, Expected To Knock The Price At $499

From the success of the PlayStation 4 or PS4, the world’s most popular console game that has been launched since 2013, along with the launch of two sub-versions, the PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro in 2016 Past Probably close to the time when the new version of the PlayStation 5 has been launched. There have been rumors about PlayStation 5 being released fairly and recently there is news that the PlayStation 5 (PS5) may be launched this year. And released in 2020

PlayStation 5 concept
The information is from a developer who posted information on the website Pastebin, claiming that the PlayStation 5 may be launched in June. And released in March Or it is November 2020. It also reveals that PlayStations 5 comes with a Backward Compatible function that can support PS4, PS3, PS 2 and PS versions, and may launch a new service like PS Plus. Premium, 2TB hard disk, support up to 8K resolution, support for new PlayStation VR headset and DualShock 5 controller, new model with camera For use in VR as well

The price of the PlayStation 5 is expected to be at $ 499, which is more expensive than the PS4 launch price of $ 100 (launched at $ 399). For $ 499, this is equal to the price of the current Xbox One X, making it possible that the PlayStation 5 may Will be launched at this price

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