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Lenovo – Yoga 730 and 530 Convertible 2-in-1 New Notebook, Slim, Easy Yo Fold, Work With Amazon Alexa

It should be another version of the Convertible laptop from Lenovo that many people look forward to for a foldable Yoga notebook. Which is good news Can be used with Amazon Alexa for voice commands as well This is interesting. From that source, Lenovo Yoga 730 is a development from Yoga 720 that has been improved to look slim. Lighter than ever

Can be observed from the hinge that is slightly tilted down The slim screen that is unique to this new generation of Yoga, just without a webcam, supports Windows Hello, but instead comes as a fingerprint scanner. Key points are the options for both 15 ″ and 13 Yoga, which Yoga 730 will come with Intel Gen8 CPUs and up to 16GB of RAM. Storage is available in either 512GB or 1TB for 13 ″ or 15 ″ models.

In terms of peripheral ports, there are Thunderbolt3, including USB 3.0 for the 13 ″ version, while the 15th model laptop also provides additional USB Type-A and HDMI ports. Supports full-HD and 4K display with stylus in Active Pen 2, but interesting is that for the 15 15 version, use the GTX1050 video card to support some graphics and game play. Better But the new point of interest for the new Yoga is the addition of the Amazon Alexa Virtual Assistant voice command feature to allow the system to interact and respond to applications via voice commands. And linked to other devices that support Alexa as well

In addition, the Yoga 530 or the name Flex 14 in the United States Also comes with the performance of the Core i7 CPU as well as the added RAM up to 16GB by putting the mobile graphics card MX130 into to increase the performance Only might expect the ability to render videos or playing games very hard, since 530 will focus on a group of users who want more mobility to carry than Yoga 730.

For the price in the UK for Yoga 13 730, starting at about 879USD and Yoga 530 will start at about 549USD.

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