7 Reasons Why The Sony a7R Mark III is The Most Attractive At This Time

Among the cameras on the market right now, if asked which one is the strongest, would have to give the Sony a7R Mark III that is gaining attention from many seasoned new photographers. Talk to all groups Post all posts The review is mushroomed. Lastly, the product of the year 2017 was also awarded by DPREVIEW.

Frankly, I am also one of the people who want to have this Sony A7R Mark III camera in possession as well. Eating a review for a long time and wanting to share with everyone what is the 7 reasons why the Sony a7R Mark III is one of the best cameras this year

Specification Sony a7R Mark III

  • BSI-CMOS sensor Full Frame, resolution 42.4 megapixels
  • ISO 100-32,000 (expandable 50-102,400)
  • Bionz X chip and the latest front-end LSI
  • Anti-shake system in a 5-axis body (can shake up to 5.5 Stops)
  • New Shutter Unit reduces vibration
  • Continuous shooting 10 images per second (Mechanical Shutter) AF / AE Tracking
  • 399 AF point Hybrid AF Systems / 425 Contrast Detection Points
  • 14 Bit RAW File, both continuous shooting and Electronic Shutter (a7R Mark II will be reduced to 12bit)
  • 3 inch touchscreen display with 1.44 megapixel resolution
  • 3.69 megapixel EVF viewfinder, can set both 60fps and 120fps
  • 4K / 30p video, 1080 / 120p
  • 4K HDR video by using Hybrid Log Gamma
  • Pixel Shift Multi Shooting feature
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC connectivity
  • Joystick for moving the focus point
  • 2 SD card slots (UHS-I x1, UHS-II x1)
  • USB 3.1 port connector Type-C, USB 2.0 micro-B
  • Microphone and headphone ports
  • Shutter mechanism works 500,000 times
  • Body Weather Seal Dustproof, waterproof
  • The new battery model NP-FZ100 can shoot 650 images.
  • Weight 657 grams

1. 42.4MP sensor with dynamic range 15 stops

Reputedly, a7 is definitely using a full frame sensor. The Sony a7R Mark III uses the BSI-CMOS sensor (not a Stacked CMOS A9 model), the same 42.4 megapixel resolution as the a7R Mark II, but Sony said at the launch that improvements in the version This made it have a 15 range of dynamic range (A7R II 14 Stop) which I personally wowed a lot, because if anyone used the A7R II to know that it makes the file very well, the pixel is extremely high. (And wasting the most) and fading Dynamic Range sensors are very good indeed, though the specification is still cool, but A7R III to do even better.

1. Continuous 10fps with 14bit RAW

At this point, the Sony A7R Mark III is much better than ever. It can shoot 10 frames per second continuously * (from the A7R II model, can do 5fps only) and all images can be taken as a 14bit RAW file from the original model. Continuous shooting mode or using the Electronic Shutter will be reduced to 12bit RAW. All would have to raise the goodness for the Bionz X chip and the latest front-end LSI technology from the older generation A9 that allows the camera to think faster. And the new shutter mechanism that Sony says to reduce vibration and still be able to use up to 500,000 times

This is considered to solve the weakness of the original A7 Series as well, because the 5fps is too slow. Other models are fast overtaking, and after 10fps, this high-end DSLR is pushed out.Sony A7R III will shoot 10fps images using Mechanical Shutter or Electronic Shutter unlike the A9 that will shoot 20fps fast via Electronic Shutter only.

Sony A7R III will shoot 10fps images using Mechanical Shutter or Electronic Shutter unlike the A9 that will shoot 20fps fast via Electronic Shutter only.

3. Good focus system and clearer speed

The Sony a7R Mark III has a fast focus system similar to the older models like Sony A9, which is very fast. It’s the focus system that I like the most in Mirrorless cameras. Using Hybrid AF to combine 399 Phase Detection and 425-point Contrast Detection (from the previous 25 points). Only Phase Detection covers 68% of the frame, unlike the A9 that will Cover up to 93%

In addition, the dark focus of the Sony a7R Mark III has improved, able to focus even when the light is low at -3EV from the previous model at -2EV. Sony also said that the focus efficiency is 2 times better. As well as Sony’s featured features like Eye AF are 2 times faster as well

And also adding a Joystick that can be used to move the focus point immediately, which allows for more convenient use

Personally, I have a chance to test the focus speed of the Sony a7R Mark III a little. Faster than the previous model, quite clear

4. New features Pixel Shift Multi Shooting

This feature is to shoot multiple images together, each shot will have to move the sensor (using a vibration system) to 1 pixel at a time, which will make the original position has a pixel to get all the colors, green, red. Blue makes files that have more complete information. The details of the objects and colors are improved.

The observation of this function is that when using the camera, it must be still and should only shoot still images. The file that was created by combining 4 images, which cannot be combined from the camera, must be included in the computer again.

5. The best 5-axis vibration system in Full Frame

The 5-axis vibration system that Sony claims to be able to reduce vibration at 5.5 stops from the previous model 4.5 Stops, which will help us a lot in holding night shots, including holding a video by hand to make the video. Looks more stable if you have a good shake system

6. 4K and 4K HDR

The Sony a7R Mark III can shoot videos at 4K 30/25 / 24p resolution and Full HD 120/100/60/50/30/25 / 24p.

In the video shooting of the Sony a7R Mark III, there is an improvement in the quality, giving the option that we will shoot using the full width of the Full Frame sensor. From the time when shooting a video or crop the sensor down to Super 35, we will get 4K video that has been made. Oversampled from 5.2K video, which will provide better quality files and full pixel readout, do not do Pixel Binnin. g

4K video recorded in the Sony A7R III camera will be 8bit 4: 2: 0, which can record 8bit 4: 2: 2 if HDMI is connected to an external recorder.

Within Picture Profile, you will see Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) mode, which is a form of HDR video.

7. A7R III uses a new battery NP-FZ100

Sony’s camera is known for its relatively low battery consumption, but in this model, it has switched to a new battery model NP-FZ100, which, according to the CIPA standard test, once fully charged, can shoot 650 images, much more than the original model. quite

And this is the 7 reasons that the Sony a7R Mark III is the most attractive camera in its time. Of course, everyone may have other reasons that are different from me, however, can share their opinions in yoursaleme.com

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